About the TTFTC

TTFTC promotes fair competition, equal business opportunities, and transparent practices in Trinidad and Tobago.

About Us

Who Are We?

TTFTC ensures fair competition and equal economic opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Trinidad and Tobago Fair Trading Commission (TTFTC) is an independent Statutory Agency established pursuant to the Fair-Trading Act 2006. It is the third competition agency established in the CARICOM region and is one of the more than one hundred competition agencies that are presently functioning globally.

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Promoting Fair Competition and Transparency

The TTFTC seeks to create and maintain a fairer Trinidad and Tobago for all which will be characterized by vigorous competition with the result being high quality goods and services being provided at competitive prices. The TTFTC prides itself in being a transparent and accountable agency that encourages the maintenance and promotion of free and fair competition in the conduct of business in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Our Mission

To create an economy that is characterized by fairness and vigorous competition with the result being, high quality goods and services being provided at competitive prices.

Our Vision

To protect and maintain free and fair competition in the conduct of business in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Mandate

To promote, protect and maintain effective competition and to ensure that competition is not distorted, restricted or prevented in the Trinidad and Tobago market.

The FTC does this by:


The Fair-Trading Commission (FTC) is an independent agency created in accordance with the Fair-Trading Act 2006. As one of over one hundred competition agencies worldwide and the third competition agency in the CARICOM region, the FTC strives to make Trinidad and Tobago a fairer place for all by ensuring that legitimate business enterprises have equal opportunities to participate in the economy.

The FTC is essential to Trinidad and Tobago’s economic landscape as it seeks to prevent anti-competitive conduct and promote policies that foster competition. By encouraging free and fair competition, the FTC aims to provide high-quality goods and services at competitive prices to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. The FTC is committed to transparency, accountability, and advocating for the benefits of competition.

The FTC’s core mission is to protect and maintain free and fair competition in business conduct in Trinidad and Tobago. To achieve this, the Commission takes various actions, such as preventing anti-competitive conduct, addressing abuse of dominance, restraint of trade, and unfair or deceptive trade practices. Additionally, the FTC publishes information about competition policy and provides guidance on complying with relevant laws.

The FTC envisions an economy characterized by fairness and vigorous competition, where high-quality goods and services are accessible to all at competitive prices. By being proactive, the FTC strives to create an environment that empowers businesses, protects consumers, and ensures the efficient functioning of markets.

To improve its services, the FTC recognizes the importance of digital presence and communication in today’s interconnected world. Therefore, the Commission has begun a project titled “Capacity Building for the T&T Fair Trading Commission R036,” under the Public Sector Investment Programme, to revamp its website. The new website will be modern, attractive, user-friendly, and intuitive, aligning with the FTC’s organizational objectives.

By collaborating with the FTC’s Web-Host and engaging stakeholders, the new website will serve as a central hub for information dissemination, enhancing the FTC’s visibility among its target audiences. The revamped website will present the Commission’s information in a clear and innovative manner, reflecting the institutional image of the FTC. This project demonstrates the FTC’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital communication and accessibility. Visitors to the website will easily access relevant information, such as mission, vision, values, goals, and the latest publications.


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